Academic information

Course catalogue and calendars

Since external staff will participatethe schedule of courses will change from week to week. The master's degree schedule is Monday through Friday, in mornings and afernoons.


In the Course online catalogue you will find the academic information, timetables, exams and calendars of each course.

Recognitions and introductory courses


A maximum of 30 credits could be recognized for those students who can provide educational experience in technology or nuclear engineering, especially those students who studied industrial engineering and have focused their curriculum in nuclear engineering. Students could also recognize credits related to their professional experience (within the maximum of the 30 credits above mentioned). Check the procedure for validations of credits at ETSEIB.

Introductory courses

The Master's Academic Committee, depending on the acces degree, could include introductory credits in order to level the abilities, knowledge and skills of candidates up to a maximum of 30 credits in subjects leveling.

Recognitions and introductory courses (Spanish version) 


External academic placement

During the Master the student can take external academic practices, that can be curricular or non-curricular, paid or unpaid.

  • To see existent offers (if you are student) or make a new offer (companies, departments, etc) you can acces the "Borsa de Pràctiques Externes"
  • Check the procedure following this link.

Masters Final Thesis

How to realize your Final Master's thesis                              Chek topic possibilities here:



Job offers for the graduates at UPC are managed through (in spanish)